Starting Over With A New Blog

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In 2011 I retired and traveled to San Miguel de Allende where I lived for six months and learned that I’m not retired but rather rewired.  Before I left, I set up a blog Piece/Peace of Mind to share my travels. However, I lost that domain with tech glitches. My tech savvy friend Kathy helped me these past two days to days to get back to blogging. The update button was hit before I had a chance to write. So, here we are a few years later…still rewired & loving it.  Sometimes I sit in my garden and talk to Puck or the horses that hang out by the fence. Then, there are the days I dig in the dirt, plant flowers, weed the gardens–and my mind. Art has been a long and winding road that nurtures me at each stop….watercolor, oils & acrylics, alcohol ink, sculpture. Picaso whispers to me: “Go and do the things you can’t. That’s how you get to do them.”  Writing serves to unwind the snarls and tangles of thinking and dreaming. Lately writing is more focused on finishing projects. ON THE ROAD ADVENTURES WITH POOH & PUCK is a draft with illustrations.  HEY RUBE! sits on my desk– four chapters in various stages of drafts & revisions. My brother Paul & I carve time each week to munch & chat at the local diner or browse for books in the bookstore down the road. A slower pace for a former workaholic is the perfect way to rewire in this chapter. Oh, yes and then there is travel–the best of all educations. Life changing.  Perspective altering. Identify defining. My AAA maps and guides wait for review for the next road trip…on the road to Boston to visit my “Italian Family.”  That trip begins in December…til then the doors at Casa Pooh are open for friends. Adelante!


horses.asters.russian sage.10.2016

Author: Paulette Carter

I continue to explore the re-wired world around the world. Piece/Peace of Mind is one of the ways to share my wanderings and wonderings.

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