TIME series.2018      TIME Series: 1965, 1986, 2015

“Where do you live,” she asks.
“In Possibility,” I answer.
“Been there long?”
“Most of my life.”

Time has passed. We are here to celebrate a MILE MARKER EVENT: 50 years ago we graduated as the first class of new a four-year college. I pause to reflect how this affected me and many others.   Some came to this event. Some didn’t. Those who came joked, laughed and told tales of passing years. Those who didn’t were often sitting with us as we remembered them in our stories.
Thinking about this MILE MARKER EVENT took me back to 1965—a LIFE CHANGING EVENT. Pop Hamp came to visit me during second semester of my senior year. My English teacher asked him. Together they invited me to visit Warren Wilson College for a tour. Then I was offered the opportunity to attend. Way beyond anything I thought possible. That’s when I moved to Possibility. Stayed here all these years.
In writing this, I coaxed memories and images by looking at the 1966 OLE LADY. I can’t remember ever reading Dr. Bannerman’s remarks in the opening pages—until now.

“The New Era at Warren Wilson”
“I think no one questions it. The expanding plant and facilities are visible evidences of a new era, but of even greater significance are the thoughts in people’s minds. As I take the pulse of the Warren Wilson community, a community which begins with the people on this campus and in this Valley and extends across the country and around the world, I find the new era being greeted with a cheer!

Some things don’t change—no matter how much time has passed. Dr. Bannerman nailed it: it’s the people—the community here and around the world. Within the context of time and THE TIMES the class of “69 faced many challenges: deaths of world leaders, threats of communism, the Viet Nam War, threats of drafts. Then, closer to home: struggles to pay tuitions, pass exams, loss of loved ones…and always the existential question: what’s next?


Homecoming crowd.2019

Bev and Betty     Evelyn DeVries Sister


P.Kam.Simin         Larry

Homecoming Hosts

Loralee and Bill    Charlotte and the guys


Author: Paulette Carter

I continue to explore the re-wired world around the world. Piece/Peace of Mind is one of the ways to share my wanderings and wonderings.

2 thoughts on “WWC HOMECOMING: CLASS OF ’69”

  1. Wonderful! Thank’s for sharing this with me. I just gave Ann Mackey your .com for this, so she could see it. You are so talented in so many ways, kudos woman. I talked to Wick and his wife at the luncheon after church. First he said, let’s get something straight right away. Did you ever babysit for my brother and I? I said yes, and he rubbed his hand across the top of his head. I said no problem, I was the oldest of six children, and I wasn’t daunted by them one bit.



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