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“Where do you live,” she asks.
“In Possibility,” I answer.
“Been there long?”
“Most of my life.”

Time has passed. We are here to celebrate a MILE MARKER EVENT: 50 years ago we graduated as the first class of new a four-year college. I pause to reflect how this affected me and many others.   Some came to this event. Some didn’t. Those who came joked, laughed and told tales of passing years. Those who didn’t were often sitting with us as we remembered them in our stories.
Thinking about this MILE MARKER EVENT took me back to 1965—a LIFE CHANGING EVENT. Pop Hamp came to visit me during second semester of my senior year. My English teacher asked him. Together they invited me to visit Warren Wilson College for a tour. Then I was offered the opportunity to attend. Way beyond anything I thought possible. That’s when I moved to Possibility. Stayed here all these years.
In writing this, I coaxed memories and images by looking at the 1966 OLE LADY. I can’t remember ever reading Dr. Bannerman’s remarks in the opening pages—until now.

“The New Era at Warren Wilson”
“I think no one questions it. The expanding plant and facilities are visible evidences of a new era, but of even greater significance are the thoughts in people’s minds. As I take the pulse of the Warren Wilson community, a community which begins with the people on this campus and in this Valley and extends across the country and around the world, I find the new era being greeted with a cheer!

Some things don’t change—no matter how much time has passed. Dr. Bannerman nailed it: it’s the people—the community here and around the world. Within the context of time and THE TIMES the class of “69 faced many challenges: deaths of world leaders, threats of communism, the Viet Nam War, threats of drafts. Then, closer to home: struggles to pay tuitions, pass exams, loss of loved ones…and always the existential question: what’s next?


Homecoming crowd.2019

Bev and Betty     Evelyn DeVries Sister


P.Kam.Simin         Larry

Homecoming Hosts

Loralee and Bill    Charlotte and the guys




Asters in front garden.October 2017I moved to the country in 2006. My pre-retirement rendition of city-girl-goes-country has survived and thrived for eleven years. What a surprise.
I bought some land and a 1940’s farmhouse at the edge of a farm-turned-Fox Hunt. My neighbors are hounds, horses and the occasional fox. The Master Huntsman spends long days tending and training the hounds. I never tire of watching daily training. Puck loves to watch too, but he looks like a fox so he watches from the safety of the deck.

In a 2016 article for the local newspaper, I wrote:

“I’m a first-time-country-dweller-from-the-city who knows nothing of hounds, foxes, horses and other critters that creep and crawl around. Yet country living amazes and amuses me. Sitting on the deck I watch the hounds romp and get in line to Tot’s commands”

Rise and Shine with Puck on Sunday Morning.10.15.17
Since then Puck, The Trickster Puppy has grown up. We celebrate his birthday in December and his reign as Puck-The-Perfect. Together we welcome and entertain visitors, family and friends at CASA POOH. This year the entire Hempleman family attended Homecoming at Warren Wilson College. I met the Hemplemans in 1965. I was a freshman and David taught classes in French, English and Drama. I took all of his classes. Barbara hired me to babysit their sons Wick and Terry. Over the years we became friends. Warren Wilson College offered great opportunities in learning and living. A surrogate family was part of the package–for me and many others.

Terry does yoga before breakfast.Homecoming 2017
Yoga Master Terry


Daniela.Wick.Barbara.Breakfast at Casa Pooh.Homecoming 2017
Breakfast at Casa Pooh


This year’s Homecoming gave us time to hang with long time friends from long distances as well as those up the road a piece. The grown-ups who taught and nurtured me over the years are now good friends who continue to model life lessons.

Dining with friends in Swannanoa.Homecoming 2017
Friends Dine in Swannanoa


Friends Gather to Dine in Swannanoa.Homecoming 2017

Ernst Laursen.Homecoming 2017.jpg            Laursens Host All.Homecoming 2017.jpg

The Boyz.WWC Homecoming 2017.jpg

There are many stand-out events of the weekend. However, the prize goes to Beverly Ohler. Since the 1950’s when Bev & Fred arrived on campus, they gave time and talents to many. Fred was the minister and he taught religion classes. I took all of his classes as well as his poetry classes. Beverly joined with David Hempleman to make magic happen through theatre. David directed. Beverly designed and created costumes. She designed my costume for TWELFTH NIGHT. I still remember the lovely costume. Her attention to detail and design made the actors feel special. This Homecoming was a testimony of her talents. With the help of her crew, Bev gave us a tour of the Costume Department…a walk through the closets, nooks and crannies of costumes …but mostly into the corners of our memories. What a fabulous way to say good-by to the theatre & program that is closed as well as to a woman for all seasons.

Bev Ohr at Homecoming Costume Tour 2017.jpg
Beverly Tours and Tells Tales










Twelfth Night.Olivia.1966


Costume Tour Homecoming with Bev 2017

Larry Adamson and Beverly Ohler share stories after church.Homecoming 2017
Larry and Beverly Chat





















The final Homecoming event is the church service on Sunday and the potluck that follows. For the past several years, I never miss this event. Those who remember know that I rarely attended church services as a student in spite of the requirement-with-threat-of-expulsion—or was it stoning. It was a period of don’t-tell-me-what-to-do and you-can’t-make-me-pray. It was probably a dawning realization of the foibles of organized religion. I grew up.

The sermon set the tone for the luncheon good-byes. Dr. Kevin Frederick, WWC ’77, delivered The Message: “Come Home to Yourself.” His simple message: “We carry home with us.” The idea of crossing thresholds in our lives” reminded me of crossing the country living threshold.

In the 2016 article, I wrote:

“There’s a Spanish word, “la querencia” which translates as a place where someone feels at home. It comes from the verb “querer” which means to desire, to want (The Rediscovery of America, Berry Lopez). Lopez explains that querencia is a place where one feels secure, a place from which one’s strength of character is drawn.”

This reminds me Casa Pooh…and of course, Warren Wilson College…a safe place to learn, grow and get ready for the world’s challenges…a place to grow friendships…a place to understand community…The Warren Wilson College Way.

It was a good coming home.

Starting Over With A New Blog

This is the post excerpt.

In 2011 I retired and traveled to San Miguel de Allende where I lived for six months and learned that I’m not retired but rather rewired.  Before I left, I set up a blog Piece/Peace of Mind to share my travels. However, I lost that domain with tech glitches. My tech savvy friend Kathy helped me these past two days to days to get back to blogging. The update button was hit before I had a chance to write. So, here we are a few years later…still rewired & loving it.  Sometimes I sit in my garden and talk to Puck or the horses that hang out by the fence. Then, there are the days I dig in the dirt, plant flowers, weed the gardens–and my mind. Art has been a long and winding road that nurtures me at each stop….watercolor, oils & acrylics, alcohol ink, sculpture. Picaso whispers to me: “Go and do the things you can’t. That’s how you get to do them.”  Writing serves to unwind the snarls and tangles of thinking and dreaming. Lately writing is more focused on finishing projects. ON THE ROAD ADVENTURES WITH POOH & PUCK is a draft with illustrations.  HEY RUBE! sits on my desk– four chapters in various stages of drafts & revisions. My brother Paul & I carve time each week to munch & chat at the local diner or browse for books in the bookstore down the road. A slower pace for a former workaholic is the perfect way to rewire in this chapter. Oh, yes and then there is travel–the best of all educations. Life changing.  Perspective altering. Identify defining. My AAA maps and guides wait for review for the next road trip…on the road to Boston to visit my “Italian Family.”  That trip begins in December…til then the doors at Casa Pooh are open for friends. Adelante!


horses.asters.russian sage.10.2016